Sneak Peek: Maybelline’s Cult Favorites

Hi ladies. We all love beauty, (insert 3 cheers!). We’re doing a countdown from today to MARCH 31, 2012 (SAT) at 130-5pm!
We’re excited to share the relaxed (and beauty filled) afternoon with Manila’s TOP BEAUTY EDITORS, AMW Nikki Tiu, Maybelline and Garnier, beauty and lifestyle bloggers and registered participants. (whew :p)

We can’t wait to get our hands (and eyes, and lips, and skin) ready to be chameleons with the brush strokes and product previews by Maybelline.

Whet your beauty appetite. Here are Studio SnR’s top picks:
Blemish Balm for all skin types. So. Easy. To. Use.

A miracle BB cream that suits Manila Weather

Light and Airy especially in humid Manila.

Who doesn't love barely there foundation?!

Learn NYC’s easiest tips and tricks for eye makeup with just 1 palette.

Get ready for Summer's hottest beach parties

Vamp it up: The ubiquitous red lippie that doesn’t leave your lips chapped and dry!

Ready for blood red lips? How do we wear this?

Never be scared of pink again.

Learn how to inject pops of fruity color

Disclaimer: This isn’t even half of their power products!! Wait till you get to the main meal!

Knowledge is Power™