Private Affair: Kanebo Feel Your Beauty

Our Private Beauty Affair with Kanebo last FEBRUARY 16,2012 was nothing short of sheer perfection. We invited our chosen and happy Studio SnR friends to this afternoon of beauty and pampering.

A sneak peek into a tableau of fine Kanebo products with pretty flowers and even better skincare + new color collections. Private Sale. Beauty Makeovers. Pamper Yourself. All in 1 afternoon.

The Press Brunch at 10am onwards met these women of style. Treated to a wonderful morning of skincare knowledge by Ms. Jenny Liang, Chief Trainer of Kanebo International, editors indulged in good company and an even better hands-on experience.

Women of Style All Busy

Just a part of what Kanebo has that’s something worth looking into. From Impress Skincare to Lunasol Makeup Palettes, Kanebo knows your Beauty. Visit them at Rustan’s Department Stores. For the younger line of Kate, visit your nearest Watson’s Stores. Congratulations to Kanebo for this huge success.

Lunasol and Kate's Merry Mix Up of Sheer Colors

Be Invited. Stay tuned for Studio SnR’s Private Events.
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BHT | Bobbi Brown 11FEB2012

The third run of Studio SnR Beauty High Tea Series featuring Bobbi Brown. We warmly welcomed women from Davao and Cavite who braved the traffic (land and air) on a saturday to give themselves some ME TIME. They learned something new that day–to put on natural makeup and show themselves some love. After all, V-day was just a few days away.

Look at the bursts of color on these lippies. There’s always one color for you! Take your pick. Our choice of wonder product: Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Mineral Powder with SPF15. It brushes on smoothly and stays the entire day. Amazing!

The Lifestyle Workshops are not complete without any treats: Our delish partner Serenitea shared awesome milk tea drinks only with Studio SnR. Check the empty table beside the sign. The drinks were gone before we could say cheese! 🙂

Delish Serenitea

Come Share this fun with us. We want to see you soon.
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Kanebo International’s Private Beauty Affair

hi Studio SnR lovers! It’s time we fulfilled our promise from 2011. We promised intimate gatherings and special preview workshops for you! We’re happy to specially invite our first 40 guests (who follow the instructions below) to this PRIVATE BY INVITATION ONLY affair.

Read the instructions carefully and get complimentary private passes to this event on 16th FEBRUARY 2012, from 230-530pm only at Studio SnR. Meet Ms. Jenny Liang, Kanebo International’s Chief Trainer.
PRIVATE PASSES will be given to: the first 40 who
1. Likes us on Facebook : StudioSnR
2. SHARE this post
3. Email us at asap when you’ve done so.

Time starts now! We hope to meet our Studio SnR Friends on the 16th.

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Beauty High Tea kicks off FEB2012

The most sought after Lifestyle Workshop Series : The Beauty High Tea officially starts this FEBRUARY 11,2012 at Studio SnR. We’re positive you’ll find this improved series to your liking. As before, each workshop is limited to 20 slots. Early birds get special gifts. Hint: These gifts alone are worth every cent! Though you’ll need to attend the workshops to know what we have cooked up for you.

We welcome back the Queen of natural looks, Bobbi Brown! *snaps!* And when we say we aim to give you something new, WE MEANT IT! Let’s all welcome our new DRINKS Partner, Serenitea! *clap,clap!* We’d like to thank both brands for promoting learning amongst individuals.

Support Learning Everyday. Where else can you get Beauty and Drinks all in one afternoon of sheer fun and friendship? Only at Studio SnR. Cheers and we hope to see you in one of our workshops!

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Shopping Spree FEB 2012

Expect more “bombastic” action this month of February! Studio SnR speeds things with something different. Come and indulge in FAB FASHION finds at the Friday Fashion Fever happening this 03 FEBRUARY 2012 from 11am-7pm.

Presented by the HOT YOUNG DESIGNERS tandem Ginger Arboleda and Sharon Teng,  Their main advocacy is to discover new, young and talented Filipino designers yearly, equip them with the necessary business skills, and present them with an opportunity to start their own collections. HELLO FILIPINO CREATIVITY!! Let’s support LOCAL designers!

See you there!! Squeeze it in on your lunch break or come in the afternoon, it promises to keep your eyes popping 🙂

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Profile | Tea Time with Serenitea’s Couple

Disclaimer: This is not your usual Drink Review Post ✌

In our book, Serenitea is one of the pioneers for freshly pressed tea drinks. It’s been years since this local-and-proud concept of milk tea while-you-wait has touched the discerning palettes of most Filipinos who know their tea ABCs.

Brewed by Master Tea Crafter Peterson Chen himself

Serenitea leaves an indelible mark on the lips and in the hearts of each tea drinker. Perhaps it’s the signature flavors it is known for; OR just because it uses the highest quality tea leaves and other ingredients, this brand has created a phenomenon borne out of TEA love.  Serenitea is synonymous to hand crafted tea beverages taken how you want it (choose your Sinkers or toppings) and when you want it (caution: it can be very addictive). What a lot of “milk tea addicts” don’t know -yet! is behind this much-loved brand is a hard working, simple and prayerful couple who had a dream to put a smile on every Filipinos lips with a sip of their famous drinks.

Serenitea's First Couple Juliet Herrera and Peterson Chen in one of their many travels

More than meets the eye; Studio SnR was able to meet the friendly couple, Juliet Herrera and Peterson Chen for this interview. It all started with the interest of the interviewer for all things milk tea back at their first branch in San Juan, Metro Manila, years back. How they were during that first meeting-true and relaxed, is still how they are especially with friends, staff and customers alike–no frills, just genuine. One thing we noticed is, despite the success they reached, the couple never fails to give back.  Their staff only have good words to say about the couple, from helping them be better, to advising them about the right thing to do.

QualiTEA time: Enjoying dinner like most couples

Drinks Aside. When asked how they feel towards the deluge of new milk tea places in the metro, “It only pushes us to do our best, where drink quality, customer service and personal touches are concerned. There is always room for improvement.”, Juliet smilingly and positively shares. In our books, that’s what we call vision tempered with skill and humility.

You may read through Far Skyes Blog for other notes on Serenitea Tea Kitchen or like them on facebook here.

2012 ALERT!! Stay tuned for more Studio SnR x Serenitea news!

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Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays!

We’re sure you (our wonderful friends) are wondering why we’re silent the past month or so…no worries! We’re alive and we’ve been busy gearing up for 2012 lifestyle workshops. (Sorry! and YEY!)

It’s positive you’ll be having a pretty full 2012 workshops calendar to choose from. From Beauty and Beyond, we’ll have your interests covered!

We want to hear from you–what are you PASSIONATE about? Let us know what you want to learn and we will try to put it in our calendar!

*note: our previous post with L’Oreal Paris is packed with a better program– so the beautiful ladies of L’Oreal Paris and Studio SnR is moving it to January 2012. Trust us, it’s worth the wait!!

You and your friends want a PRIVATE workshop crafted just for you? Drop us a line and let’s talk lifestyle! Check us out on this site; Like us on Facebook StudioSnR ; email us at Let’s make 2012 count, See You!

**photo taken from

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Studio SnR Lifestyle Workshops loves all beauty and talent. We search high and low for upcoming new looks and trends and give out one of a kind private affairs worth remembering!
Recently celebrating another milestone, L’Oreal Paris collaborated with Philippine Fashion Week as official beauty partner for the Spring/Summer 2012 shows at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. The result: Marvelous makeup looks carefully executed and spearheaded by Manila’s Top Makeup Artist and Cristine Duque.


Cristine Duque demos a look she crafted for PFW



The Chris Diaz Look on Face Chart, as replicated by Ms. Duque before the Michael Cinco Show–Our take: Wearable with a POP of Color! We Like-y! This is just one of the looks for the week-long extravaganza, once again showcasing TRUE Filipino Beauty and Talent!

We’ve Got NEWS: You CAN be one of our LUCKY ‘followers’ to LEARN and witness L’Oreal Paris Philippine Fashion Week’s HOT NEW Looks in a private (by invitation!) affair. Read: First of its kind. Total Beauty (HAIR/SKIN/MAKEUP) Only at Studio SnR!!! Because You’re Worth It!
Like us on and through this site for more details by 1st week of November 2011! Share this to your friends. Drop us notes here or on FB and Let us know why you want to be invited.

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Beauty | Bobbi Brown 10.15.2011

Exciting Bobbi Brown Spread of Goodies

Just Sharing… our yet again well-loved Studio SnR x Bobbi Brown Secret to Perfect Skin Workshop. (THANK YOU!!!) We invite you to check the new Mineral Makeup line! Oh, did we tell you they opened their new counter at Essenses, G/F Power Plant Mall the same day of the workshop? And guess what? Studio SnR participants received a little something extra that day!

Early bird color swatching. Animetric's Wendy with Bobbi Brown Phil's Ina and Budit

This batch’s energy is palpable! Everyone shared the passion for the brand, the tips and tricks from Bobbi Brown Phils.’ team, and gained new friends somewhere along the way.

Studio-ful of captivated ladies. Let's all get natural.

This workshop were offered yummy food choices and special coffee by Boyd Coffee Phils and Saeco Espresso Machines. Steaming hot cappuccino or lattes served when you want it, how you want it!

Caffeine Madness-Saeco's Allan brews a cup

The verdict: Great vibe, amazing lessons, yummy company and armloads of loot!
Special thanks to our brand partners: Bobbi Brown, Saeco Espresso Machines, Boyds Coffee Phils and Parian Spirit Professional Brush Cleaners and Blush Magazine.

Official Brush Cleaner for Studio SnR Beauty Series 

Want to join our next Studio SnR x Bobbi Brown Workshop? Send us your emails OR drop us a line in this site or at FB See you then!

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