CTBM | The Second Run! 25FEB2012

To close our action filled love month–we celebrated with a come back. Due to public clamor, our Coffee Tea By Me (from last September 2011) had a second run last saturday, FEB 25. Special Thanks goes to http://www.spot.ph for this.

Far Skyes' Wide Range of Products,: Before The Storm

We created a “new take” on Caffeine Love with a very hands-on (spell: practical) workshop that pushes individuals to be most creative in a Good Vibes environment. A shout out goes to Mr. Franklin Tiu of Farskyes Enterprise for sharing his 20+ and counting JAVA knowledge to willing and interested participants.

Mr. Franklin Tiu of Far Skyes by Boyd Coffee's Robert Francisco's Poster

Our hats off to the Saeco / Cuisinart / Imarflex team for expertly guiding our full class to a whole afternoon of fun and knowledge on mastering the machines. “Never let the machines get the better of you!”

FrannyWanny's Fran and Paul Ang is in for some serious competition

A Coffee Workshop won’t be one without its main ingredient: COFFEE! Studio SnR chooses Boyd Coffee–we only trust the best + it supports Philippine Coffee Farmers. (YEY for local!). You guys know how we always give that little extra to our beloved supporters. This time, it’s Scanwell Graphics who provided us with cutesy notepads where you can put tips and pointers from our speaker. They make personalized pads fit for all your needs.

Look at that Crema. Comes from Good Beans.

In our workshops, you’re expected to get down and dirty. Mr. F Tiu allowed everyone to put out their best — the results? 2 groups of winners!! Great prizes for the winners (hint!hint!) but everyone still gets to bring home something. To cap it off, they get to clean their hands with Girl Stuff travel hand sanitizers!! And, yes that’s how we roll 🙂

Would You Look At That?!

And just like that, we saw elated faces mingling with new friends; written down recipes ready to be replicated at home. For us, that’s perfect.♥
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Coffee Tea BY Me | 09.2011

Far Skyes Ent Franklin Tiu with (l-r: Peaches Tiu, Evergood’s Liz Tan, Sydney Go, Yummy’s Becky Kho)

The recent Studio SnR Coffee Tea BY Me Series was an intimate success! With special guests and friends, the participants were treated to an eventful working afternoon for the coffee aficionados!  A quick witty talk by Far Skyes Enterprise Mr. Franklin Tiu put the guests in the moment. He swiftly moved on to “let’s-get-down” to hands-on coffee business, making the guests experience to Be Their Own Barista .

Passionate coffee lovers listen to Mr. Franklin Tiu

Beverage lovers all, the participants brewed their own hot and cold beverages using Boyds Coffee, and Stasero ingredients (from vanilla powders to syrups)! Each group crafted both espresso and cream based drinks.

Extensive line of Stasero Syrups, exclusively distributed by Far Skyes Enterprise

Each group had full access to Saeco Coffee Machines, Imarflex blenders and Cuisinart Coffee Beans Grinders. All brewing How-Tos and tips were answered! What’s more, starter kits, massive tempting discounts and vouchers were made available only for Studio SnR’s Coffee Tea BY Me series attendees!

Taste the Freshly Brewed Coffee using Saeco Coffee Machines

Craft-a-JAVA goodness–winning entries won special prizes.

White Banana Dream

See more CTBM series photos and get updates on FB: Studio SnR.

Special thanks to Boyds Coffee Philippines, Evergood Unlimited (SAECO / Cuisinart / Imarflex), Far Skyes Enterprise (Stasero Syrups and Sauces), Iprints Personalized Printer and Patrick Martires for our official photos.

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Coffee Tea BY Me | Ready Set Java

We’re excited to welcome the first participants of the Coffee Tea BY Me series! Studio SnR is now filled with drool worthy equipment from Saeco, Cuisinart, and Imarflex! Check the extensive display of Far Skyes Enterprise’s Stasero Syrups and Sauces! Mix it with Boyds coffee = yummy additions to make your cup of joe burst with flavor.

Sneak Peek in the loot bag: As one of the treats, each participant gets his/her personalized 2012 calendar by Iprints! Keep yourself posted with events worth remembering!

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From Beans To Cup


 The rich flavors of strong Arabica beans are best appreciated when brewed the hand crafted way. Grind them just the way you want them–that’s the best way to start calling it “your own cup of joe”.


Look at the frothy color of coffee filtered from the machine. You can smell the pick-me-upper aroma of fresh coffee beans brewed while you wait. A definite happy thought to wake up to!


Whether in a ceramic mug or the finest silver, sipping your freshly brewed coffee is a personal affair that’s perfect to start your day.

Learn the basic and intermediate beverage concoctions with us.

Special thanks to Coffee Advocate and Passionate Coffee Lover Robert Francisco of Boyd Coffee Phils for his own photo artwork.

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The Coffee Tea BY ME Series


Born from the love of coffee and tea, Studio SnR collaborates with the coffee/tea industry’s biggest names to carve a deeper appreciation of handcrafted beverages. Not an ordinary workshop, this Coffee Tea BY Me Series unleashes the passion in every beverage lover! Learn the basics of beverage preparation; elevate the hot and ice cold drinks you crave for in cafes or beverage stands. This 3-hour hands on workshop promises to let you reach your full creativity in brewing your own version of To-Die-For Drinks!
Coffee all DAY. Use the popular Saeco machines. Ground your gourmet Boyds Coffee with Cuisinart grinders. Blend your coffee concoctions with Stasero Flavored Syrups and Sauces using Imarflex blenders. Get to bring home starter kits with Iprints gifts. Short but sweet, the workshop promises to share the secrets behind the popular-at-the-moment drinks as an added extra!

Reserve online: www.nipponesthetic.com/studiosnr

Added BONUS: Our Promo price is up to Sept 27,2011 BUT we love our readers so much, join us in groups of 2 or more, get your fee at P2,500/pax until Sept 23,2011. Limited to 24 slots only. Hurry, slots are filling up fast.

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