Private Affair: Kanebo Feel Your Beauty

Our Private Beauty Affair with Kanebo last FEBRUARY 16,2012 was nothing short of sheer perfection. We invited our chosen and happy Studio SnR friends to this afternoon of beauty and pampering.

A sneak peek into a tableau of fine Kanebo products with pretty flowers and even better skincare + new color collections. Private Sale. Beauty Makeovers. Pamper Yourself. All in 1 afternoon.

The Press Brunch at 10am onwards met these women of style. Treated to a wonderful morning of skincare knowledge by Ms. Jenny Liang, Chief Trainer of Kanebo International, editors indulged in good company and an even better hands-on experience.

Women of Style All Busy

Just a part of what Kanebo has that’s something worth looking into. From Impress Skincare to Lunasol Makeup Palettes, Kanebo knows your Beauty. Visit them at Rustan’s Department Stores. For the younger line of Kate, visit your nearest Watson’s Stores. Congratulations to Kanebo for this huge success.

Lunasol and Kate's Merry Mix Up of Sheer Colors

Be Invited. Stay tuned for Studio SnR’s Private Events.
Knowledge is Power™


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