We want to hear from YOU


Studio SnR LOVES you. That’s a fact. We won’t allow the holidays to come and go without sending you some good vibes cheer!

1. Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/StudioSnR
2. Follow us on Studio SnR Workshops blog site
3. Tell us what LIFESTYLE workshop (food/beauty/skill/ any past time)  you hope to join and be a part of for 2012! (comment on this post )
4. Leave your name and email address so we can get back to you.
5. Time starts now! Tell your friends about this. 

The Studio SnR Sample Package

OPEN TO ALL (for Manila Shipping Only!) Studio SnR will choose 10 lucky followers of this blog and www.facebook.com/StudioSnR.  Follow and ‘comment’ on this post from now until DECEMBER 21,2011. Let the creative answers flow!

Help us reach 1,000 PAGE likes on www.facebook.com/StudioSnR and we’re sure to shout OUR thanks by cooking up more BY invitation events for our loyal readers and followers! Happy Holidays!

 Knowledge is Power™


4 thoughts on “We want to hear from YOU

  1. I love attending Beauty workshops. I want to learn more how to apply makeup properly to my face.I am eager to progress up the makeup ladder and learn basic classes that I might want to take that will help me add to my beauty bag of tricks.

  2. Since reading Animetric World blog I already have some idea what workshop Studio SNR is offering and I would like to try my hand on makeup since I can use it often.

    • We’ll have more of the beauty workshops for 2012 definitely 🙂
      And many many more!!! Pls let your readers know, 🙂 The more the merrier!!! x

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