Profile | Tea Time with Serenitea’s Couple

Disclaimer: This is not your usual Drink Review Post ✌

In our book, Serenitea is one of the pioneers for freshly pressed tea drinks. It’s been years since this local-and-proud concept of milk tea while-you-wait has touched the discerning palettes of most Filipinos who know their tea ABCs.

Brewed by Master Tea Crafter Peterson Chen himself

Serenitea leaves an indelible mark on the lips and in the hearts of each tea drinker. Perhaps it’s the signature flavors it is known for; OR just because it uses the highest quality tea leaves and other ingredients, this brand has created a phenomenon borne out of TEA love.  Serenitea is synonymous to hand crafted tea beverages taken how you want it (choose your Sinkers or toppings) and when you want it (caution: it can be very addictive). What a lot of “milk tea addicts” don’t know -yet! is behind this much-loved brand is a hard working, simple and prayerful couple who had a dream to put a smile on every Filipinos lips with a sip of their famous drinks.

Serenitea's First Couple Juliet Herrera and Peterson Chen in one of their many travels

More than meets the eye; Studio SnR was able to meet the friendly couple, Juliet Herrera and Peterson Chen for this interview. It all started with the interest of the interviewer for all things milk tea back at their first branch in San Juan, Metro Manila, years back. How they were during that first meeting-true and relaxed, is still how they are especially with friends, staff and customers alike–no frills, just genuine. One thing we noticed is, despite the success they reached, the couple never fails to give back.  Their staff only have good words to say about the couple, from helping them be better, to advising them about the right thing to do.

QualiTEA time: Enjoying dinner like most couples

Drinks Aside. When asked how they feel towards the deluge of new milk tea places in the metro, “It only pushes us to do our best, where drink quality, customer service and personal touches are concerned. There is always room for improvement.”, Juliet smilingly and positively shares. In our books, that’s what we call vision tempered with skill and humility.

You may read through Far Skyes Blog for other notes on Serenitea Tea Kitchen or like them on facebook here.

2012 ALERT!! Stay tuned for more Studio SnR x Serenitea news!

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4 thoughts on “Profile | Tea Time with Serenitea’s Couple

    • hi Jeff!
      Thanks for your comment. They are currently not open for franchising 🙂 We’ll keep you posted when they give word 🙂 Cheers!

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  2. I was staying at the Greenbelt Chancellor and noticed people lining up by Serenitea. It was my first time to try it and the girl suggested Okinawa for first timer. Omg! it was so good. . ! I am interested in franchising please email me.

    Thank you,

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