What is the Studio SnR Lifestyle Series?

Nice idea


See your dreams come to life. Translate thoughts into reality. *photo from decor8 blog.

Studio SnR is a workshop facility used by corporations / companies to hold meetings and other seminars. This August 2011, along with esteemed brand partners, we created the Studio SnR Lifestyle Series (of Workshops). Studio SnR elevates its mission to be more than just a venue, but rather be an alternative resource for learning. Participants will be encouraged to learn useful exciting and creative skills in short periods of time.

Primary aim for the workshops: to ignite the passion for learning. We believe in Knowledge is Power™ (to be used in the best sense possible). We want people not to feel stagnant–rather, pursue true passions and reach dreams. We are not a school, rather we’d like to see ourselves as conduits to higher learning.

A place for teachers and students, Studio SnR is a middle ground for creative endeavors. Feel free to drop us a line for questions and possible collaborations! Thank you. See you at the Studio SnR.

Knowledge is Power™



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